GRIP FAQ website Scott from the Chicago Grip Association made this site, and it has tons of great information about grip strength training.

Az-grip   Arizona Grip Strength

Pulling John Brzenk
  " Pulling John " is an uncomprimising journey that steers you through the personal

                          story of a living legend, John Breznk, this documentary was shot over a four year period!

Diesel Crew
       Their MOTTO is "ACHIEVING BEYOND POTENTIAL" Train with Jedd Johnson and
                             Jim Smith and you will also achieve beyond potential, great strength site. Truly a great source of hand strength training on the net.
You have some questions about grip that need to be
answered? This is the place. Grandmaster Strongman Dennis Rogers wants to help
you obtain super- strength. Grippers, Getting the most from your gripper Pro Wrist Straps Mighty Atom