The Kettlebell or Girya is a traditional Russian cast iron weight.
    It looks like a cannonball with a handle attached to it. 
    Kettlebell workouts increase all around strength, endurance, agility and balance

Kettlebells are different from free weights, because of their handle which gives
    them a displaced center of gravity. Kettlebells have been around for hundreds of years
    but are just now being recognized as a great all around conditioning tool.  Every one
    from strength trainers, martial artists, Rugby players, Wrestlers,  to the military,  
    and law enforcement are using Kettlebells.
    Although you can do regular exercises with Kettlebells such as: the Bench Press, Squat, 
    Rows, and Curls. The real value with kettlebells is derived from doing high repetition
    ballistic work such as: Cleans, Jerks, Windmills,  Swings and Snatches.

Poods and Kilo's to Pounds Conversion 

0.75        12         26
1             16          35
1.25        20         44
1.5          24         53
1.75        28         62
2             32          70
2.5          40          88
3             48         106

       35 lbs             53 lbs                70 lbs                  106 lbs
Dragon door  Russian Kettlebells  " Handheld Gym "

Two years ago I started training with the 35 pounder by dragondoor, it felt awkward and really heavy, after training hard with the KB's I am now able to juggle the 70 pounder!  The  kettlebell is a ruggedly  simple, and very  effective strength  training tool.

Russian Acrobat and famous circus strongman Valentin Dikul fell and broke his back at the age of seventeen.  Today
( because of hard work with Kettlebells and other implements ) , in his mid sixties, he juggles 180 pound Kb's and breaks powerlifting records!