Heavy Duty Hand Grippers
Heavy duty hand grippers are produced by a variety of manufacturers. My favorite grip tools would have to be the Ironmind Heavy duty grippers.

- Ironmind
Captains of Crush grippers are high quality grippers and are very popular in the world of grip,
come in different strength levels

Guide: Similar in difficulty to a sporting goods store gripper, but with legendary Captains of Crush quality.
Sport: Now you're brushing up against the limits in toughness of what you'd find locally.
Trainer: If you're ready for serious grip training, here's where you go next . . . this is the stepping stone to the larger-caliber grippers.
No. 1: Here's where CoC Grippers start to get unusually hard to close; most people who lift weights cannot close this gripper the first time they try, and this is the benchmark gripper for having a good, strong grip.
No. 1.5: The bridge between a CoC No. 1 and a CoC No. 2.
No. 2: Legitimately close a CoC No. 2 and you've got a grip to brag about.
No. 2.5: Bridges the gap between the CoC No. 2 and the No. 3, a daunting divide between the merely exceptional and world-class status.
No. 3: Officially closing a Captains of Crush No. 3 Gripper is the most widely-known and highly-respected feat of grip strength in the world.
No. 3.5: Suppose you've conquered the CoC No. 3 and are chasing the No. 4, here's what you master along the way.
No. 4:Certify on this gripper and you have proven yourself on the ultimate test of crushing grip.

- Warren Tetting grippers and grip equipment, made the first heavy duty gripper  in 1964, and he's still in his shop making grippers today.

- Robert Baraban
custom grippers, hand made in Austria are custom made by Robert and are considered to be of really high quality in the grip world.

The RB DELUXE (pictured here) is a custom gripper which ranges from 50 - 500 lbs

- Heavy Grips
These are aluminum handled grippers produced in China, the quality is average, and if your on a budget these will get the job done to increasing hand strength, The Heavy Sports/Heavy Grips company has sold a lot of grippers over the years.  
HG100, HG150, HG200, HG250, HG300, HG350
limited edition HG400 and HG500

- Fat Bastard Barbell Co.

Professional Strongman John Beatty came out with a line of high quality grippers in 2009, if your looking for a custom gripper
FBBC makes Aluminum , Steel and Brass handles!


Floor standing Grip Machine

uses olympic plates and you can do severe negatives, with one or both hands using the floor standing grip machine, load some plates and go at it, I sell these through my store for $200  ( Warren Tetting Edition )

Pinch Device

this is the tool you need to built tremendous thumb power, although a regular pony clamp can work, the pinch device will take your grip strength to a different level. $70 ( Warren Tetting Edition )

Secret Weapon

Built for negatives.

Joe Kinney, the guy who weighted 170 lbs and was the first to close the Ironmind # 4 Captains of Crush Gripper based a lot of his success on the secret weapon gripper machine.. he designed to use for extra crush work that he housed in his work shed, this machine is no joke and it isnt for everyone! ( the secret weapon is available in my ebay store)

Block Weights

Large metal block (typically the head off of a dumbell), used to work the hand in the open position. Blocks range in weight from 20 to 50lbs. They can be deadlifted, carried, or even tossed from hand to hand. These are one of the cheapest and most effective grip tools. Used dumbells can be purchased for around 30 cents a lb. A hacksaw with 18 teeth per inch and some 3 in 1 oil can get the heads off a dumbell in about 30 minutes. Power tools make the job a lot easier.
( Block weights will get your hands strong theres no doubt about it ) so get a hack saw head over to the play it again sport and get yourself some Dumbells, remember that chalk makes a world of difference when it comes to Block weight training.


(pictured here is a 42.5 York side block weight with a block of chalk)

if your able to lift a certain block weight with chalk, keep training on it until you can lift it without any chalk.

 The Famous Thomas INCH Dumbell weighs in at 172 lbs and has a

2-3/8th  Inch  diameter  thick handle , making this  a very  tough grip  challenge.

In oldtime strength circles, the name Thomas Inch is recognized above all else for one thing - grip strength. His "unliftable" Challenge Dumbbell has defied thousands of strong men over the last hundred years (and still does today). Many a strength athlete tried but failed to break it off the ground...