Block Weights
 Block weights = hand strength

THE BLOB pictured on the left, half of an old YORK 100 lb dumbell
the ultimate grip strength test ( chalk is allowed),  finding one is even harder than
lifting it

In my opinion training with Block Weights is the best way to develop an Iron grip, from the tops of the forearms to your fingertips. A powerlifter/ weightlifter who wants to hold onto a super heavy deadlift is going to need a different grip training routine than a martial artist, rock climber or a gymnast. Training with Block Weights will help any athlete develop that thumb strength, you can develop thumb strength from thick bar training but not to the same level as with Heavy Block weights, especially the York roundhead Blocks.

A good starting weight for a beginner is 20 lbs ( half of a 40 lb dumbell ) go to play it again sports and get some used dumbells Hex shaped, or York brand if your lucky to find some rounheads, you will need a hacksaw to cut the handle off, be sure to remove any sharp places for you safety. Then its up to you to start training with the block weights, you will be surprised how quickly your hand strength goes up, even if you just train once or twice a week.  I suggest having at least a few block's for your grip training in your collection, some lighter one's and a few that you cant lift yet and are training to lift.   Remember that Block weights get much wider as they get heavier as well, don't be suprised if it takes you months to master that heavier block weight.  Stick with it and reap the rewards.